• DropChat is like having each of your clients in a separate, private conference room, accessible anytime.

  • Are you emailing sensitive documents? Stop hassling with email encryption and passwords. Or worse, stop sending unencrypted documents! Just drop files into your client's portal and discuss them all in one secure place, without passwords, without the hassle.
  • Reduce administration time to almost zero. With DropChat portals branded for your business, your clients can see and access their files the same as you. You can message and collaborate easier together because they've got what you've got. No more emailing sensitive documents through cyberspace and then manually filing them for each client, and doing it again later after updating the file...and again..and again.

Got Clients? Got Projects?
Get DropChat. Work Easier.

Are you using email to interface with clients and partners that are outside your office or firewall?

If you're sharing files and collaborating via email then you're maunally organizing files-- and tasks-- by client-- into your systems- every time you get an email--Phew! And so is your client! It's a productivity bottleneck. What if you could remove that admistration hassel and free up all that time?

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Proposals and
Post Sales Management

Keeping everyone in the loop is a time consuming administration headache!

You've got mutiple team members, legal cousel, and your customers to manage through the pre and post sales processes. DropCHAT keeps everyone in same workspace while maintianing a private channel for internal communications.

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Make Your Customers
Part of the Team.

Are your customers sitting on the sidelines?

Make them part of the process so you can get it right, fast! DropCHAT puts your customer in a room with you so you can maintain steady communication. You can both see the team's files and collaborate on them all in the same place.

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Streamline your workflow with your clients and team


Free up to 10 clients (+ your team)